“Blindfolded and handcuffed” .. Details of the kidnapping of a student from inside of


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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Books – Alaa Omran:

The public security sector, headed by Major General Alaa Salim, Assistant Minister of the Interior, was able to arrest the perpetrators of the kidnapping of a student for financial disputes in Ismailia.

The Abu Sweir Center in Ismailia Security received a notification from a 51-year-old driver residing in the Abu Kharou’a district of the Center’s office, “There are financial disputes between his brother Muhammad 42 years, and a 52-year employee residing in a second department department, Shubra Al-Khaimah, Qaliubiya” and another called Massad and their attendance to meet him to resolve these differences, but it was not Present at his residence, he asked them to wait for him until his return, and when they refused, he asked his son, “Talib, 17,” to take them to a cafe until his return. The latter went with their car and not returned home. He accused the employee and Massad of committing the kidnapping of his son.

The investigations of the research team formed under the chairmanship of the public security sector, with the participation of sector inspectors and officers of the criminal investigation departments in Ismailia and Qalubia security, concluded that a group of people escorted a blindfolded person inside a residential property in the Department of the Special Section.

After the codification of the procedures, they were targeted by a mission headed by the public security sector, which resulted in the seizure of the real estate owner, “46 years of barber and resident of the same address”, in his confrontation with the findings of the investigations, he confessed in detail to his perpetration in association with a driver, 37 years old, resident of the department of Ain Shams Department “, worker, 32 One year, resident of the Department of the Special Section, “employee, 38 years old, resident of the Department of the Department of Specialization” camera technician “and resident of the Department of the Department of Matareya,” worker, 31 years old and resident of the Department of the Department of Matareya. ”

The defendant admitted that they kidnapped the victim from the Abu Sawyer area, the security domain of Ismailia, due to the existence of financial disputes between his uncle and the father of the victim. As a result, he agreed with the other defendants to go to resolve the dispute with the victim’s father, but he did not meet them.

So he and his companions kidnapped the victim, forcibly took him and hid him inside the property, his residence was instructed to find the kidnapper if he was in one of the apartments on the fifth floor of the same property, and it was found that he was blindfolded and handcuffed with plastic buttocks, and it was edited.

It was possible to control the rest of the accused and the weapons used in the incident (a cartridge gun and 4 bullets of the caliber – a pitcher of 3 masks – a quantity of plastic visas) as well as the two cars used to commit the incident.

Facing the rest of the defendants with what was stated by the property owner’s statements, they admitted it and admitted to committing the incident at the instigation of his wife’s uncle, in exchange for each of them obtaining an amount of 5 thousand pounds after bargaining for the victim’s eligibility.

Legal measures were taken, and the Public Prosecution began investigations.

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