Bloomberg warns of the danger of deepfakes technology in fabricating video and audio clips


The American Bloomberg Network warned against the use of advanced technology and artificial intelligence programs to produce fake video or audio clips, where someone appears to be doing a certain thing or saying something, known as deepfakes.

The American Network indicated that this technology, which is a few years old, is witnessing a rapid development. But she warns that so far, it has been used mostly to create fake pornography, but many worry that its ability to penetrate the political and business community. New York University researchers described this technology as a “threat on the horizon”, with “the ability to erode what remains of the public’s confidence in democratic institutions.”

Deeptrace, a Amsterdam-based company that discovers and monitors Deepfakes technology, concluded in a report released last September that 96% of the technology videos found on the Internet were fake pornographic images, as the faces of women were placed on the bodies of pornographic actors To film sexual acts that never happened.

Stars from Western countries and South Korean singers were among the most targeted. In early 2019, criminals managed to persuade a CEO of a UK-based company to pay $ 240,000 when they used that technology to fabricate his boss’s voice on the phone. In Malaysia, supporters of a government minister accused of appearing in a gay sex video said it was fake, but experts have found no evidence that the video was tampered with.

With the US elections approaching, Facebook is tightening its policy to ensure the correctness of the videos and audio clips posted on its platform.


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