Bookmakers suggest Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel divorced after 5 years – Ernews


The bookmakers are likely to divorce Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel after 5 years

Source: Amina Benifou – Erm News

British bookmakers question the solidity of Prince Harry’s relationship with his wife Meghan Merkel, To the extent that most are likely to divorce them within a maximum period of 5 years.

They see that the possibility of divorce between the spouses is four times greater than the possibility of their return to the bosom of the royal family, and that the chances of this divorce are more than the chances of Serena Williams winning the championship, “Wimbledon,” according to “Closer”.

Therefore, the British bookmaker gives “Body Power” for each bet 100 pounds, 400 pounds in the event of divorce, and 1500 pounds if they return to the royal family.

The only thing the bettors agreed on is the ability of Prince Harry and the former actress to achieve the physical independence they seek.

Note that they will lose two million pounds annually if they settle in Canada, as Queen Elizabeth II spent the brothers Harry and William 5 million pounds annually (about 6.5 million euros), taken from the 82 pounds allocated as a “sovereign grant” funded by taxpayers for the expenses of official duties .

But the two princes also receive 3.16 million pounds of “unofficial expenses”, in addition to his share of it he will receive Prince Harry Always have a grant from Prince Charles of £ 4.9 million.

Financing the safety of the spouses is one of the issues that raises a problem if they are separated from the royal family and settled in Canada, where they are required to provide guardianship for 24 hours to ensure their safety.

To save Queen Elizabeth from criticism of taxpayers in Britain, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is very welcoming to the couple, is seeking to propose financing their custodians with about £ 1million, taken from Canadas taxpayer money, according to the same source.


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