Boutros Daniel reveals to Masrawy the scenes the latest picture of “George Sidhom”


12:45 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Jayoushi:

The president of the Catholic Center for Cinema, Boutros Daniel, said that the star image of the star, George Sidhom, with the artist Hani Ramzi and his two brothers, was taken days ago, during their visit to him at his home to celebrate Christmas.

And “Daniel” confirmed, in a special statement to Masrawy, that the visit came because the brothers “Ramzi” were keen to be near him on this occasion.

Regarding his health, he said: “His health is stable, his mind is present and his memory is strong, and he still has a sense of humor and a sense of humor, which he is distinguished from, but he still suffers from the effects of a stroke that he suffered from years ago.”

He added: “His wife, Dr. Linda, is keen that communication with him is through the phone more, because most of the time he is busy doing physical therapy sessions, which is the length of time his side and I do not give him up, and she is afraid that many home visits will be less on him.”

The artist, George Sidham, born on May 28, 1938, formed with the guest Ahmed and Samir Ghanem, the group “Three Stage Lights”, and presented a number of successful works, most notably the “Married”, “The Flat for the Right of the Wife”, “The World of Children of Children”, and others.


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