Bride dies of cancer hours before her wedding, childhood sweetheart … witness


A forty-two-year-old bride, who was suffering from breast cancer, died tragically hours before her wedding ceremony on the boy of her dreams.

The Hazel Jack bride from Lanarkshire County in Scotland has been fighting breast cancer for the past six years, but doctors told her earlier this month that the disease could kill her within weeks.

And since “Hazel” was hoping to marry her childhood sweetheart and life partner “Jonathan Gold”, many donors tried to fulfill her wish and gave her wedding dresses and other wedding party requirements, after her family and friends asked for help in achieving her last wish through the communication sites Social, and many were affected by her story, according to a report in the British newspaper, “The Sun.”

Unfortunately, she died at her home in South Lanarkshire, just hours before her marriage was due.

Despite her tragic death, her fiance decided to use the wedding ceremony as an opportunity to celebrate the life and courage of Hazel in the face of the disease, and then decided to invite everyone who participated in trying to fulfill the wish of his late fiancee to join him and his 3-year-old child, To celebrate her life in the same place where her wedding was to be held.

The British “Daily Mail” newspaper quoted “Gillian Anderson”, the late bride’s bridesmaid, as saying that they have decided to transform the dream wedding of her to be a celebration of her .. amazing personality and beautiful spirit.

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