“Bride of Heaven” .. Dr. “Samah” among the victims of the microbiology doctors – governorates


Sadness prevailed throughout Minya Governorate, today, due to the accident of the death of two doctors, and the injury of 11, all of them assigning doctors who were going to attend a training course in Cairo, including Dr. Samah Nabil, who was killed.

The images of “Samah” spread on social networking sites “Facebook”, wearing her wedding dress, and the pioneers called her the “Bride of Paradise” and the martyr of the profession, demanding to investigate the incident and refer those responsible for investigation, especially after the frequent news about forcing the victims to travel and informing them about the date of training Just 28 hours before his contract, they never missed an opportunity to book a train in order to make their travel safer, which drove them to travel in a minibus.

Dr. Maryam Aziz, a physician, said that she refused to go to the training of breast cancer campaigners in Cairo, accompanied by her colleagues, because of her young girl. She confirmed that the victims of the accident are doctors inside health units and medical centers, and that they were surprised last Monday by informing them of the health department about the training date on Wednesday, and added that they asked for a delay until the reservation in one of the trains, for fear of road accidents in light of the bad weather, but that their request He was rejected with the threat of a sanction if he did not attend the training.

The doctor stressed that, because of her little girl, fearing that she might drop the temperature, she refused to submit to health management threats, and refused to go to training. This morning, two doctors were killed and 11 others, all of them from Minya governorate, were injured, after a collision between two cars, at the entrance to the Karimat Gate on the western road to the governorate of Giza. The two bodies and the injured were taken to Nasser Institute Hospital for treatment.

An official of the Health Directorate in Minya Governorate said that the deceased and the injured were on their way to attend a training course at the National Training Institute of the Ministry of Health, and their car collided with another car, and the accident resulted in major damage to the vehicle that the doctors were traveling in, the death of two doctors, and the injury of 11 others, including a critical condition Stressing that the Minister of Health, Dr. Hala Zayed, ordered the transfer of the injured to the Nasser Institute Hospital, and the deceased to the Zeinhom morgue, the necessary report was released and the prosecution notified for investigation.

The Minya Doctors Syndicate mourned the “martyrs of the profession” who were killed in the terrible accident on the desert road, while they were going to attend a training of the Ministry of Health.

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