“Bride of Heaven” .. Minya residents mourn the victim of “Microbiologists commissioning doctors” (photo)


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A number of social media pioneers from Minya’s sons and her doctors shared the photos of the late doctor, Samah Nabil, who was killed, on Wednesday morning, in a collision, along with a number of female commissioners, on their way to attend a training course in Cairo.

“Bride of Heaven”, this is how Facebook social media users shared pictures of “Samah”, a newlywed bride, and a number of them were keen on shading them in black, and the Minya residents and their doctors demanded an immediate investigation into the perpetrators of the accident.

There were reports that the victims were forced to travel and informed of the training date just a day and a half before it was held in Cairo, which made it difficult for them to book train tickets so that their travel would be safer, which led them to travel in a “microbus” car, for fear of investigation.

The Ministry of Health had announced, on Wednesday, that a “microbus” car accident occurred near the city of May 15, while a number of female doctors went to train at the Women’s Health Initiative Program at the Cairo Training Institute in a batch of 2017 assignment, resulting in deaths and injuries.

The ministry’s statement stated that the injured were transferred to the Nasser Institute to receive full medical care, and that Hala Zayed was directed to provide full health care to the injured doctors in hospitals, and to provide all medical supplies and blood bags for the injured.

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