British Commons permanently approves “Brexit”


08:46 PM

Wednesday 22 January 2020


The British House of Commons, at its session this evening, Wednesday, finally approved the exit agreement from the European Union, according to “Sky News” Arabia.

The British House of Commons rejected, during today’s session, changes made by the House of Lords to legislation that must be approved for the exit of the country from the European Union (Brexit), according to the agency “Reuters”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated that he would not accept any change to the Brexit bill, which would effect Britain’s exit from the European Union as of January 31, in the face of legislators who say he has toughened his terms.

The House of Lords had made several changes to the legislation earlier this week, including a provision to ensure protection for refugee children after the exit from the European Union was implemented.

But the House of Commons, of which Johnson has a large majority, voted to reject the changes proposed by the House of Lords, including those related to the rights of citizens of European Union countries in Britain after Brexit.

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