British security agency asks Windows 7 users to update to 10 … Find out why


Windows 7 will receive its latest security updates this Tuesday, and after that, it will not get any additional fixes from Microsoft, so Microsoft recommends purchasing a new PC with an operating system that is still supported, and the British Government Communications Office GCHQ, now a British intelligence agency, has joined The American company, and an estimated 400 million Windows 7 users are required to move to Windows 10 to take additional security measures.

According to the US mspoweruser website, for example, “NCSC”, the national center for cybersecurity affiliated with GCHQ, suggests to the public not to perform their online banking services from a Windows 7 computer, or even read their email on a computer running Windows 7.

The center also calls on users to transfer their sensitive data to another supported device, however, their main advice is to upgrade or purchase a new personal computer, saying: “We urge those who use the software after the deadline to replace unsupported devices as quickly as possible, to transfer Sensitive data to a supported device and not used for tasks such as accessing bank accounts and other sensitive accounts. “

In theory, a Windows 10 update would cost around £ 120, but there are still ways to upgrade for free to Windows 10, while NCSC wants to prevent a problem like the widespread Wannacry attack that paralyzes NHS computers in multiple boxes.

NCSC spokesman added: “As a result, it is necessary to move away from them as quickly as possible, and companies that purchase extended support contracts will continue to receive updates for up to 3 years.


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