British teenager abandons full-time studies to create videos on Tik Tok


A 16-year-old British teenager named, Ronnie Warwick, abandoned his university studies to devote himself to creating comic videos on Tik Tok, after the number of views on his videos increased from 250 to millions of views every week, within five months Just.

According to the British “Mirror” website, Warwick now has nearly 300,000 followers, and more than 10 million people watched his videos on the Tik Tok application last month.

British teenager
British teenager

And Warwick said: “Do well today, if there is any time to focus on this, now is the time, and I see this is a job, it’s a big task for me, I always work every day to come up with new video ideas.”

Ronny gets paid for promoting big brands, making his first video on a family vacation to Spain in August 2019, and getting around 250 views, but that early success inspired him.

Ronnie added: “I made stupid videos, and started giving more attention to what I wanted to do. The first video that really spread out was a video for my family while I was in Whitestable. I put the camera on a cart and wrote in the caption” Welcome to Britain, and people seem to like it, and they find it comic. “

Not all his family members were supportive of the idea that he abandoned his studies, but he says now that they understand his videos better, but Ronny tries to post three clips per day, but he admits sometimes that he does not find new ideas for his videos, as he said: I constantly think of new ideas, I think of what my followers are like, they like my British comedy content. “

Ronnie persuaded his 61-year-old grandmother, Janice Hills, to become one of the influencers of Social Media, already has nearly 13,000 followers, and Ronnie is organizing an event with her.

“I used to do live video clips, and my grandmother always broke into the videos, just as she was showing on my Instagram stories,” he explained.

British teenager and grandmother
British teenager and grandmother

Ronnie suggested that his grandmother create an account Tik Tok Of her own, and start posting videos.

Ronnie continued: “I tried it – and when I tell people that Tik Tok is addictive, people who don’t use it have no idea, we have now reached the point where my 61-year-old grandmother will be browsing her phone for hours, after she used to complain about me sitting down In the living room, and all you hear are Tik Tok sounds and songs, now I’m going to sit there, and you will do exactly the same. “

Ronnie was invited to attend events to promote pop artists like Ella Henderson and Jack Jones, and Ronnie said, “


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