Bullying Bride, a victim of Social Media, will she regain her self-confidence again?


A bride of bullying is a victim of social media. Will she regain her confidence again: bullying is no longer limited to the bottom only, but he moved to the social media in an incident that has aroused sympathy from many and begins the story of a dumpling victim of a bullying of the media after publishing the pictures of her engagement on the Internet, which the pages circulated about their shape and manner Her makeup, and she offered to lose her fiance just hours after the engagement ceremony, and she was depressed.

A bride of bullying is a victim of social media

A dumpling story begins with the publication of some of her engagement photos on one of her colleagues’ pages, and from the first moment the dumplings of the Saidian girl became the focus of the ridicule of her form and make-up, which raised the ire of her fiance and the dissolution of the engagement as soon as these sarcastic comments spread on different pages, but may come from the heart of the misfortune Mercy and grace from God, hearts have risen for her and the irony has been replaced by full support.

How irony turned dumplings into support

Despite poor bullying, which has become a phenomenon everywhere, compassionate hearts may make up for this big mistake. Girls working in the fashion and makeup field have contacted dumplings and go to them to support them and show their beauty again. New pictures have been published that have been welcomed by pioneers to communicate with A dumpling changed itself and confidence returned to it, and drew attention to the impact of bullying even on cyberspace.


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