Buthaina Al-Raisi is crying and apologizing to the Kuwaiti people because of an image they published


The Omani actress Buthaina Al-Raisi presented an official apology to the Kuwaiti people after she published a picture in which the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein appeared, along with Sultan Qaboos.Buthaina was subject to a sharp attack from Kuwaiti followers after the picture was published through her personal account on (Snapchat), and many described it as provocative.

The principal deleted the photo from her account and made an apology to the Kuwaiti community while she was crying, indicating that she considers herself a Kuwaiti citizen and that what she has done is a great and unforgivable mistake.

She added in her message to the Kuwaiti people: “What I made was a fatal and unintended mistake. This image came from one of my followers, and I did not review it before it was published. This is my mistake and I will never repeat it.”Many sympathized with the tears of Buthaina Al-Raisi, indicating that she certainly did not intend to provoke the Kuwaitis, as she is a Kuwaiti-born and married to a Kuwaiti man.

It is noteworthy that Buthaina Al-Raisi started her artistic career as an anchor on Omani TV, then she traveled to Kuwait to study at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art and made her artistic way from there, through the series “Wow Motel” in 2005.

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