By microscopy … this is how scientists are trying to save the white rhinoceros from extinction


Scientists are trying to solve the problem of white rhinoceros extinction, by creating an embryo in the laboratory, which is the third embryo that is formed inside the laboratories, in an attempt to reduce the risk of eliminating the species by overfishing and saving it from extinction, and the rare embryo has been created, as there is no Only two of the surviving species are both female, so the researchers planted their eggs with frozen sperms from dead males and created a laboratory embryo and froze it until it was placed in one of the animals through a microscopic injection.

The researchers say, the ultimate goal is to create a herd of at least five animals that can be returned to their natural environment in Africa.

There is currently a 30-year-old female “Najin” rhinoceros, and her 19-year-old daughter Fatou, the last of the white rhinoceros strains, living under armed guard for 24 hours.

Also, in August 2019, she underwent a very dangerous procedure by a team of international veterinarians, who witnessed her anesthesia for about two hours, until her eggs were extracted using techniques that took years of research and development, and the eggs used to create the three embryos were harvested from VT.

“The team will now make every effort to achieve the same result for 30-year-old Nagin before it is too late,” said Thomas Hildebrandt of the Leibnitz Institute for Animal and Wildlife Research in Germany.

The team said that the procedure proved safe and could be implemented regularly before the animals became too large, as Jean Stigescale, director of communications at the Dvor Kralove Zoo said: “Five years ago, the production of a northern unicorn embryo seemed almost an unattainable goal, but today We managed to achieve it. ”

The Kenyan Minister of Wildlife said that the next step would be to choose a white rhino female from amongst the “First Petita” Foundation in Kenya to work as a foster mother.

There are five types of rhinoceroses on Earth, including black and white rhinoceroses in Africa, and the northern white rhino is generally considered a type of white rhino, although some scholars believe it is of the sixth type.

The last white rhinoceros was a 45-year-old white male named Sudan, named after the country in which he was born in the wild, and who suffered euthanasia in 2018 due to age-related diseases.


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