Carlos Ghosn’s wife: Happy that he did that!


Carlos Ghosn's wife: Happy that he did that!

Carlos and Carol Ghosn

Carol Ghosn’s wife, Carol, said their relationship with Japan had ended and it was “impossible” to return to live there, stressing that she was happy because her husband had fled Japan to Lebanon.

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Carlos Ghosn: I will cooperate fully with the Lebanese judiciary

In an interview with her husband and her husband from a private house in Beirut, Carroll added that if she knew from the start about her husband’s escape story, she would express her objection, and that she was in favor of fighting the legal battle to prove his innocence. But after some time passed and after seeing how the Japanese prosecutors dealt with, I realized that her husband would never get a fair trial.

Carroll, a 54-year-old American of Lebanese descent, expressed her happiness that her husband Carlos “did it” and returned to Lebanon.

Ghosn’s wife, who spent many years as a fashion designer in New York, said the accusations they made about her were “part of a joke.”

She said that after hours of testifying, she was informed that she could go, and after 9 months an arrest warrant had been issued against her. She described this move as revenge and has nothing to do with the law.

Carlos Ghosn was more solid than his wife during the interview, saying that he spent 18 years in Japan “during which he had never expected such brutality, and this lack of fairness and sympathy.”

Ghosn said that his plan to escape to his hometown Lebanon “developed rapidly with a small group of people, at a reasonable price and in complete secrecy.”

He added that the first rule in taking something like this is that no family member knows about it, because they will be very anxious.

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Japan asks Interpol to place Ghosn's wife on the wanted list

The couple said that they would be happy to stay in Lebanon for the rest of their lives if necessary.

Two weeks ago, Carlos made an exciting escape from house arrest in Japan, as he was awaiting trial on charges of “profiting, breach of trust and embezzlement” of “Nissan” company he was working for, charges which Ghosn denies.

Shortly after his appearance in Beirut, the Japanese authorities issued an arrest warrant for Carroll for charges of perjury in connection with the charge of embezzlement against her husband.

Prosecutors in Tokyo said that Ghosn’s allegations of a conspiracy against him are false and that he failed to justify his actions.

Source: Reuters


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