Cement continues to decline .. Prices for local building materials |


The prices of local building materials, iron and confinement, witnessed a state of stability, while cement prices continued to decline with the end of trading today, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, and “Today’s News Portal” monitors the prices of local building materials, according to the latest prices in the Egyptian market.

Reinforced concrete

The price of reinforced cement decreased by 785 pounds per ton, the average price of Aswan Cement was 775 pounds per ton, and the specific cement recorded 778 pounds per ton, shura cement 788 pounds per ton, while the rock cement price reached 773 pounds per ton, Swedish cement 793 pounds per ton, and Nasr Cement 773 pounds per ton , Helwan Cement 783 pounds per ton, Egypt Cement, Nabi Suef 800 pounds per ton, and Al-Askari Cement 770 pounds per ton.

White cement

The average price of white cement was 2400 pounds, the price of white cement is usually 2500 pounds, super Sinai 2460 pounds, and royal custom 2430 pounds per ton, while the white oasis reached 2425 pounds per ton.

Mixed cement

The average price of mixed cement was 723 pounds per ton, palm cement 720 pounds per ton, Oasis cement recorded 730 pounds per ton, and savings cement 730 pounds per ton.

Resistant cement

The average price of salt-resistant cement was 850 pounds per ton, Qaher Al-Bahar cement was 830 pounds per ton, Suez Cement Water “815 pounds per ton, and Swedish cement-resistant 828 pounds per ton.


Gypsum prices stabilized. Gypsum recorded Amiriyah 650 pounds per ton, International Gypsum scored 700 pounds per ton, while Al-Meamar gypsum recorded 690 pounds per ton, Egypt’s Gypsum Sinai 650 pounds per ton, and Suez imprisoned 580 pounds per ton.


The price of Egyptian iron recorded 10 thousand and 100 pounds per ton, while Ezz Steel recorded 10 thousand and 450 pounds, iron porter 10 thousand and 250 pounds, and Iron Attia 10 thousand and 200 pounds.

The price of iron in tea was 10 thousand and 400 pounds, and the ferryman iron 10 thousand and 100 pounds per ton, while Sarhan iron recorded 10 thousand and 200 pounds per ton, while Maadi Iron scored 10 thousand pounds per ton.


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