Cement prices drop to 735 pounds for the first time in 3 months


Cement prices in a number of companies operating in the Egyptian market decreased significantly in recent days, reaching 735 pounds per ton for the first time in more than 3 months, which will be an important factor in revitalizing the real estate sector during the coming period, especially in light of initiatives to support this. The sector that was recently announced by the government and the central bank.

Prices varied between companies, where the price of a ton of Nile Valley cement company, the Egyptian producer, reached 810 Egyptian pounds, and the prices of a ton of ASIC cement, Minya, Horus producer, 775 Egyptian pounds, the price of a ton of Lafarge Cement, a specialty product, at 785 pounds, and the prices per ton of building materials industries, the construction product, 798 pounds, The price of a ton of Arish cement, a military product, is 770 pounds, the prices of a ton of Egypt are Beni Suef 800 pounds, and the prices of a ton of Sinai cement, a Sinai product, are between 735 and 765 Egyptian pounds.

The price of a ton of Shura cement, a Shoura producer, reached 785 pounds, the price of a ton of Renaissance Cement, a rock product, 775 pounds, the price of a ton of cement in Qena, the obelisk producer, 780 pounds, the price of a ton of South Valley 780 pounds, the price of a ton, the price of a ton, Helwan cement, a Helwan product, 808 pounds, the price of a ton Asec cement Minya Asec producer 790 pounds, and prices for a ton, Medcom Cement Aswan Producer Aswan 775 pounds, the price per ton of cement Arab Company for Cement Producer victory 778 pounds, the price of a ton of Suez Cement producer Suez 805 pounds.

Ahmed El-Zeiny, Head of the Building Materials Division of the Chamber of Commerce, said in previous statements for the seventh day that the cement industry in Egypt is witnessing a great development thanks to the entry of a number of new factories that pumped large quantities of cement, which contributed to the increase in the supply in the markets, which led to a lower price in the markets thanks to an increase Competition, noting that a number of the factory resort to discounts and offers to consumers and suppliers in order to increase sales.

Al-Zaini praised the state’s reform measures to increase Egyptian cement production in addition to the economic reforms package that it had adopted in order to reduce dollar prices and foreign exchange rates, as it contributed to lowering the prices of many commodities, including construction materials, indicating that the industry Cement is closely related to currency prices other than international prices, which have also declined, expecting that the market will witness a boom during the next stage in light of the state of economic stability experienced by the state in the current period.


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