China identifies the source of the new “Corona” virus


Corona Virus

Corona Virus”

Chinese specialists have identified the most likely source of the new “corona” virus, which has killed scores of people since its appearance late last year in Chinas Wuhan province.
The network “Russia Today” quoted Chinese media, on Sunday, that the 2019-nCoV virus was found in samples taken from the “Huanan” seafood market, in which wild animals are also sold.
The agency noted that 22 of the 585 samples taken from the “Huanan” market were found in the nucleic acids of the new “Corona” virus, and that specialists were able to sort the virus from environmental samples, which indicates that the wild animals that were traded are underway. In the aforementioned market, it is the source of the virus.
The Chinese authorities confirmed, earlier, the spread of a new and mysterious type of “Corona” virus, since late December last year, which was called “2019-nCoV” and causes pneumonia, while the country recorded more than two thousand cases of infection, including 57 deaths. .
In addition to China, confirmed cases of infection have been recorded in several other countries, including Thailand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and the United States.


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