Chinas mysterious virus transmits to Japan … and global health warns


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books – Agencies:

Japan’s Ministry of Health said Thursday that it has confirmed the first case of a new coronavirus that has appeared in China.

She explained that the tests confirmed the infection of a man in the 1930s from Kanagawa, near Tokyo, with the “mysterious” virus, noting that he had previously visited the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has an outbreak of pneumonia, which is believed to be the result of infection with the new strain of the coronavirus, according to Reuters. “.

The World Health Organization, reported on Tuesday, that a new coronavirus has transmitted between humans “in a limited way” in China, among small family groups, but it is likely to spread more widely.

On Monday, the Japanese authorities said that she put a Chinese woman in quarantine in Thailand because of her mysterious strain, in the first detection of the virus outside China.

41 cases of pneumonia, a symptom of the disease, have been reported in central Chinas Wuhan city, most of which are linked to a seafood market.

Dr. Maria Van Kirkov, Acting Head of the Emerging Diseases Unit of the World Health Organization, said during a press briefing in Geneva that the organization gave instructions to hospitals all over the world regarding infection control in the event of the spread of the virus, including the possibility of “rapid spread” in a healthcare environment .

She added, “We are looking for something, which is possible, and we need to prepare.”

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