Chinese phone companies suspend export of their shipments to Russia due to Corona virus


The impact of the spread of the Corona virus in China on all economic fields, as well as in Chinas dealings with other countries through institutions or bodies, and individuals. After the spread of the epidemic, and the suspension of a large number of companies, their production in China, also a number of famous Chinese phone companies and American phone companies announced Another suspends smartphone shipments from China to Russia for two weeks due to the “Corona” virus.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the companies sent reports to the partners explaining that the postponement of the shipments had its reasons, which is that the factories extended the holidays for the Chinese New Year until February 10 due to Corona, and this period may be extended.

Apple also suspended phone shipments from factories in China, and a source at an electronics store confirmed the newspaper to this information.

Because of the extension of the New Year holiday to February 2020, the supply schedule for all companies whose production is located in China will change by about two weeks.

The company stressed, that all these things will not affect the availability of smartphones and will not be noticeable to the consumer.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, “Hua Chun Ying,” said that China has full confidence and ability to win the war against the epidemic caused by the new Coronavirus, and Ying added, in a statement today, commenting on the World Health Organization announcement that the spread of the new Corona virus has become an emergency. Public health raises international concern, “Since the outbreak of the new Coruna virus, the Chinese government has taken the most comprehensive and strict prevention and control measures with a great sense of responsibility for people’s health, and that many of these measures far exceed the requirements of the International Health Regulations.”


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