“Cinema Professions”: Magda “One of the icons of the cinema” .. And Samir Sabry: “She was a human being.”


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After a long and successful career as an actress and producer of many films that affected the Egyptian cinema, she departed from our world yesterday, the able artist Magda Al-Sabahi, who passed away at the age of 89.

“Magda” was distinguished by her soft way of presenting the character, especially the image of the thin girl, in her first films, then she changed her cinematic characters to present the biography of the Algerian militant against French colonialism, Jamila Bouhired, in the movie “Jamila” by the famous director Youssef Chahine in 1958, written by Abdel-Rahman Al Sharqawi Ali Al-Zarqany and Naguib Mahfouz.

“Magda” started her artistic career at the age of 15, and changed her name from Afaf Kamel Ali Al-Sabahi to “Magda”, where she worked in acting at first without her family’s knowledge, and her real start was in 1949 in the movie “The Adviser” directed by Saif Al-Din Shawkat with Ismail Yassin, Then I entered the field of production, and represented Egypt in most of the international festivals and international film weeks. She was chosen as a member of the Cinema Committee of the National Specialized Councils, and she won many awards from the Damascus International Festivals, Berlin and Venice International, and she also received the Ministry of Culture Award, and her last film was «I forgot that I am a woman »The year 1994 I presented it on TV.

Her contributions emerged as the producer of a number of religious films in which she also participated in acting, which was a risk at the time of its high cost, including “The Messenger’s Migration” in 1964, and “From the Greatest of Islam” 1970, and also produced the film “The Age of a Moment” on the October War, and considered the production of films Especially for women in the film industry that it was a difficult experience, because everyone has his demands, and he needs to adjust the conditions for all those working in it.

The late artist married the artist Ihab Nafi, and she gave birth to her daughter, the artist Ghada Nafi, who worked for a while in acting, and Ghada said to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”: My life stopped with her departure. She tells about her work and the stars who lived with her.

Magda retired from acting with her age, but she was keen to follow the political and social events that Egypt has gone through over the past decade, through her daughter who was briefed on what is new – as she mentioned in her last dialogues that she had with “Al-Masry Al-Youm” two years ago. – Art is a force that should not be neglected, and it has a major role in the advancement of society in light of the events it witnesses.

The syndicate of cinematic professions called the late artist, saying: “One of the icons and stars of the golden generation of cinema.” The artist, Samir Sabry, explained: “She was a human being before she was an artist and a close friend.


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