Colors of the homeland Fayrouz, driver in Uber, made 1131 connections: customers love me


She controls the steering wheel for 6 hours, as she travels around Alexandria with her own car. Fayrouz Ali, 41, is a driver at «UberShe rebelled against customs and traditions and broke the boredom of “sitting the house” by working as a driver.

“Fayrouz” was suffering from the burden of spending on her three children alone, so I thought about a different way to use her angel car to contract with Uber for delivery; and within 3 years she established a wide network of customers, and I made more than 1131 connections: “My father bought me Arabic I said, I take advantage of it in a beneficial need that will benefit me and my children, especially since I bear the costs of their livelihood after my separation from their father. ”

Confirming that she chose this profession because she has mastered driving for years, and as soon as we contracted with the company and completed the conduct of driving tests, drug analysis and a comprehensive examination of the car to make sure its safety, I started using the company “application” to receive customer requests from women, men and college students.

“Fayrouz” begins her work at seven in the morning, after her children are connected to their schools. The Appliance opens on her phone to receive requests for arrivals until one oclock in the afternoon: “People are amazed at me, especially when he tells them that the experience is sweet and enjoyable. They work the need to comfort them. ” Her phone is stacked with the numbers of customers who prefer to deal with her for her good manners and her upscale handling: “They tell me you are the best captain we met, I wish the drivers are all stats.”

In the school season, Fairuz focuses on requests for delivery from parents, neighbors and relatives to her constant preoccupation with her children: “With the first time I was empty, but most of my time was for my children.”

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