Colors of the homeland Its value is 680 thousand pounds. A man buys a sofa and finds a treasure inside


Luck smiled at an American man, after he bought a “sofa” from a store to find $ 43,000 hidden inside.

He explained, “Kirby,” who lives in the US state of Michigan, that he bought a “sofa” from a store in the “Osu” area, last Thursday, and when he sat on it he felt uncomfortable as if there was something inside, according to the “Fox” site.

His daughter decided to remove the pillows and examine them well for fear that there would be a manufacturing defect, to find inside them packages of $ 100, for a total of 43,170 dollars.

Kirby stressed that he was not happy, because morally, the money is not his right, and he went back to the store to find the original owner of the “sofa” and told them about the money. She had no idea if there was money inside her when she sold her.

Kirby stated that legal experts told him that he was not obligated to return the money, but he felt that her response was the right and moral disposition.

Shop owner Rick Merling said he was surprised by the return of Kirby and his desire to return the “sofa” to its original owner, despite the need for money, which is a good moral example to be followed.

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