Colors of the homeland The last of them is a “stranger in my home” child .. How did the children of Zaman films change?


The artist Moamen Hassan, who played the child in “”A stranger in my houseAs a guest on the “DMC Evening” program with the media Iman Al-Hosari via “Video Conference”, he said that the beginning of his artistic work as a child, with a large number of art stars such as Adel Imam, Souad Hosni, Nadia Al-Jundi, Mahmoud Abdulaziz, Nour Al-Sharif, and Farid Shawky Refine it on a technical level.

He stressed that he was ready to return to artistic life again, noting that he had read many works in the recent period but it was not appropriate for him, as he always thinks about providing roles that affect the lives of people, explaining that he may participate in artwork in the coming period.

Al-Watan reviews how the features of the children who participated in the old cinematic works have changed.

Artist Mervat Ali in the movie “The Grandson”

During the movie “The Grandson”, the child “Hala” appeared with innocent features, talking to her father “Abdel Moneim Madbouly” during the birth of her sister, saying her famous sentence, “I want Ayza Jawzy is the one who is born.”

The evening DMC program hosted the retired artist Mervat Ali, known as Hala, with the media Iman Al-Hosari, and she appeared with the same innocent and generous features, stressing that she was a riot in the scenes of photography, and receives advice from the late artist Karima Mukhtar.

Mervat confirmed during the meeting that she retired from acting by personal decision, when she was twelve years old, where she was subjected to great pressure because of her studies with her work in art.

Mohamed Abdel-Wahid “Ali” is the hero of the film Mouths and Rabbits

During the movie Mouths and Rabbits, the child actor Mohamed Abdel Wahed appeared in the character of Ali, who echoed the famous sentence, “Yabih yabih yab el haq nahmah yabiyyah mabsebhash alone.

He also participated in a number of films of the eighties and nineties such as the movie “The world of children of children, and reserve is a duty, and I am not a demon and an angel, a woman without restriction,” and series such as “Dreams of the Flying Boy, Fasting Fasting, Witness and Tears.”

Hadeel Khairallah “Balliya” in the movie El-Imateet

A number of social media pioneers circulated 5 years ago a photo of the artist Hadeel Khairallah, who played the role of “Baliya” in the movie “The Sprites” in front of the plateau Amr Diab, while she was carrying the clothes she was wearing within the events of the film.

Hadeel, 35, published her account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, 4 pictures of her in the ten-year challenge, the photos illustrate her various ages since her participation in the film until the present time.

Enas and Dina Abdullah

The heroine of the movie “Marriage in the Modern Way” began her artistic life very early, so she participated in the program “Sesame, Undergar and Abel Inas”, and she was the first child to cut the kids’ clubs in an adult style.

Cinematic works such as “He and the women, 3 thieves, marriage in the modern way, the beach of fun, forbidden, half an hour is permissible, more precious than my life”, and after that she concealed and worked as a broadcaster on Egyptian TV.

Enas also excelled in the cinema, as her sister Dina Abdullah worked. She started acting from a young age through several films, the most famous of which was: (grandson, bloody Sunday, everyone wants to love).


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