Colors of the homeland The secret of the ancient Egyptian abstention from winter clothes


Egypt is exposed to cold weather, and low temperatures reach the formation of snow in some areas, which raises the question of many about how the ancient Egyptians coped with the winter with their summer clothes, which appeared on the walls of temples and paintings.

The climate in ancient Egypt was warm … and the ancient Egyptian worked with hard labor

Magdi Shaker, the chief archaeologist at the Ministry of Antiquities, who explains to Al-Watan, answers this question, that the seasons of the year in Egypt were divided into three, and each chapter is divided into four months and the seasons are flood, planting, and harvest, and there was no division for the summer, winter, spring, and autumn that are currently underway.

Shaker pointed out that the natural climate in Egypt at that time tended to summer and warm throughout the year, and the weather was not the same as the weather at the present time, but this does not prevent that the ancient Egyptian was going through cold days.

According to the archaeologist, “The ancient Egyptians did not go out at night a lot in the ancient era, and the ancient Egyptian used to make bread ovens inside their house, which was working on heating homes a lot, especially since the ancient Egyptian was making his bread daily, in addition to using incense burners that were from the embers of the fire Which was giving a kind of heating, in addition to the fact that he was making his house from all natural materials that help with heating, in addition to that the ancient Egyptian was all very hard labor, whether agriculture, construction, construction, wars or other hard work.

Linen clothes … wool and leather are prohibited

Shaker explained that the ancient Egyptian had two types of thin and thick linen, and the cleanliness of clothes occupied great importance in the ancient Egyptian civilization, as the Greek historian Herodotus who visited Egypt in the fifth century BC says that among the peoples of the earth the ancient Egyptians were the cleanest people Believing and validating, it was settled in the conscience of the ancient Egyptian that the cleanest person is the closest to the deity, and that is why the ancient Egyptians were always clean body and their linen clothes were always clean and white, as they knew that they were the owners of white clothes, and because of their extreme cleanliness they were forbidding themselves some fabrics such as wool The skin, which was taken from living organisms infect the wearer’s dirty and they are “unclean.”

Shaker pointed out that the remnants of the clothes that we received from the ancient era starting from the era of the first dynasties and which resisted Awadi Al-Dahr were clothes made from the strongest coarse fabrics, as there were special models for festive clothes and the Egyptian interest in the fabrics imported from abroad with the beginning of the middle state.

The chief archaeologist stressed that what was found on the walls of the temples does not necessarily imply his presence on the ground. “It was noted that the ancient Egyptian, when he wanted to paint himself, used to draw himself beautiful and young and his body is consistent, does this mean that they did not have obese or elderly people? Of course not, but they liked to paint the ideal image they wished for in the next world. ”

For example, the chief archaeologist gave the girl who is currently married in the winter, so there is no bride who wears winter clothes or a winter wedding dress, then it is certain that the ancient Egyptian was cold and had clothes that helped him to warm, but the summer clothes are more elegant since the ancient era until now, so he wanted to He immortalizes himself with the perfect shape and the perfect body.

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