Coming from America … thwarting smuggled sniper rifle smuggling at Cairo airport .. Details


Customs Building Terminal 3 of Cairo International Airport has detected an attempt to smuggle sniper rifles, disassembled and weapons parts.

During the completion of the customs procedures, the Director of the Airport Traffic Manager noticed the failure to arrive for the flight flight coming from New York – the presence of two bags that are precisely packed and carry the numbers of the Egyptian passenger’s bags.

Inspecting and reviewing their owner’s data, they found two special bags with a long distance telescope, a wireless earphone fitted to the gun, a gun rifle sonic, a set of weapon cleaning tools, a metal weapon stand, a small bag with rifle parts, and disassembled weapon parts for collection.

The passenger was brought in and received the two bags, and he acknowledged that they are his. The General Manager of Customs Customs at Cairo Airport, Gamal Abdel Fattah, decided to take legal measures, edit a report of the incident, and deport the passenger and seizures to the competent prosecution.

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