Comprehensive health insurance: Continued opening of medical files for citizens in 6 governorates


The new comprehensive health insurance system revealed the continuation of opening medical files for beneficiaries in 6 governorates, which represents the first stage of the comprehensive insurance system, confirming that the electronic medical file is important for monitoring all diseases that suffer from the condition, in addition to registering medicines that are spent from time to time.

The Minister of Health had instructed the various sectors of the Ministry to intensify their efforts and exploit each sector for its competitive advantage that it gained through accumulating its experiences for the success of the comprehensive health insurance system, as the Minister indicated that the comprehensive health insurance project is a national project for Egypt, all of which must be taken care of at the highest level and make every effort The effort required for its success in the required form is required according to the directives of the political leadership that works to overcome any difficulties that the project may face to ensure the provision of a distinguished medical service to the Egyptian citizen.

The Minister assigned the Secretariat of the specialized medical centers to develop medical and administrative operating mechanisms in all hospitals that will join the system, as well as training medical staff on accreditation, quality and occupational safety and health standards in coordination with the project’s quality unit, and the Hospital and Educational Institutions Authority will design training programs that will be provided to service providers in coordination with the fellowship Egyptian and Human Resources Unit in the project .

The Minister of Health indicated that a new unit of clinical governance will be created in which university professors and graduates of the Egyptian fellowship will be used as well as all experiences in the field of health to develop and review treatment protocols in cooperation with the National Center for Clinical Excellence in the United Kingdom, which would ensure the provision of a distinct level of service It is reflected in the system in general.

Al-Sobky explained that the experience of Port Said, which the world praised in setting a scientific mechanism for project management in the rest of the governorates of the Republic, was benefited from. The administration was divided into several levels; a strategic level that includes the different sectors of the ministry with the different project units that include: the Human Resources Unit, a hub Training and qualification, the equipment and construction axis, the financial and institutional transformation axis, the quality axis, the digital transformation axis, the education and media axis, and the clinical governance axis and another executive level that includes all who carry out operational and field work represented in the executive coordinators of the project P in each governorate and directorates of health affairs and cooperation between the different levels of the project is what is the most successful Port Said experiment and the experiment will succeed in the rest of the provinces.


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