Corona expands the death toll … the death of 169 people in China


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The ghost of the emerging virus, which scientists have not yet reached to stop treatment or vaccine, is still killing lives. In a new death toll, Beijing announced Thursday the rise in the number of virus deaths Sk To 169 with over a thousand new infections recorded.

The Health Committee of Chinas Hubei Province, the new epidemic outbreak center for the new Coruna virus, said on Thursday that the death toll from the virus in the province had risen to 162 as of January 29.

It also added that 1032 other cases of coronavirus were detected in Hubei, bringing the number of cases in the region to 4,586.

Reduced mobility

Moreover, China, which is making strenuous efforts to contain the spread of the Corona virus, has recommended its citizens to postpone their travel plans abroad. “We recommend residents of mainland China” to postpone the unnecessary trips, “said the National Immigration Administration in a statement, noting that” reducing cross-border movements contributes to controlling the epidemic. ”

The public transportation company in the capital, Beijing, had announced that it would suspend most bus services to the neighboring Hubei province where the virus appeared to contain the outbreak.

Travelers wear masks for fear of corona while in a US passage from Asia (AFP)
Travelers wear masks for fear of corona while in a US passage from Asia (AFP)

It is noteworthy that several foreign governments evacuated their nationals during the past days, from the region with the high number of deaths.

The World Health Organization has expressed “grave concern” over the transmission of the virus between people in three other countries. While Mongolia announced the closure of its land borders with China to spread the epidemic.

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