Corona virus infects Chinese medical staff in conjunction with the high number of deaths and the number of infected


China announced the death of a doctor after being infected with the Corona virus, while sources said that dozens of doctors infected with the virus in Wuhan, the first region where this virus appeared before its spread.

Amid international concern about the spread of this new virus, the Chinese authorities announced that the number of deaths rose to 41, while the number of infections rose to more than 1,300, most of them in China, Russia reported today.

Despite the measures taken by many countries, especially the control of passengers through airports, a number of countries, most recently Malaysia, have confirmed the discovery of 3 injuries among their citizens.

In turn, Australia announced the infection of one of its citizens, made by China, with the virus “Corona”, and earlier France announced the discovery of 3 infections. To date, HIV infections have been reported in the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Nepal and Singapore.

China has mobilized all its energies to prevent the spread of the virus and treat the infected, as it has isolated a number of cities and suspended public transport, and the relevant authorities have sent 1,230 doctors to Wuhan, the first places where the virus appeared.

The World Health Organization announced earlier that it is “too early” to consider the new Coronavirus, which has appeared in China and is spreading to the world, as a “public health emergency on an international scale.”

“It is a state of emergency in China, but it is not yet a global health emergency … it may become so,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebresos.

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