Dalal Abdel Aziz: Nadia Lotfy is a great artist, with her humanitarian and national stances


The great artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, confirmed that the artist Nadia Lotfy is a tall stature, as she is an artist who combines all the beautiful qualities, saying, “She is a great artist by all standards.”

She said during a telephone interview with the “Everyday” program, presented by Basma Wahba, on a screen “ON ENadia Lotfy has great and steady humanitarian stances: “Nadia Lotfy is great with her national and humanitarian stances, and she is a great artist, and I can only call her for a speedy recovery.”

The health condition of the great artist Nadia Lotfy deteriorated in the past hours, where she lost consciousness, and is currently in the intensive care room in one of the hospitals, with a large follow-up from the doctors treating her, after her condition had stabilized somewhat in the past two days and was expected to leave her through the intensive care room during Two days and transferred to a hospital standard room.

The “seventh day” had contacted Dr. Ashraf Zaki, captain of the acting professions during the past two days, to ask him about the great artist Nadia Lotfy, especially that she had been in the hospital for a week, and the captain confirmed that her health condition is improving gradually, so that Nadia Lotfy returns and enter intensive care again During the past hours.

Nadia Lotfy appeared in a video a few days ago, in which she mourned her late friend Magda Al-Sabahi, who passed away last days, and Nadia Lotfy expressed her great sadness, after receiving the news of the death of Magda Al-Sabahi, one of the most important artists of the time of beautiful art, and she was shocked by a great news, and Nadia commended Her late colleague Magda Al-Sabahi, who had a beautiful spirit, in addition to respectable behavior, and her personal relationships with all of her colleagues from the artistic community.


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