“Data Communications” .. Will Nancy Ajram’s husband be acquitted of the murder charge?


Day after day, case investigations appear The storming of Nancy Ajram’s villa and her husband, Dr. Fadi Hashem The defendant accused of killing the Syrian youth, Mohammed Al-Mousa, has new details, the most recent of which was disclosed by the Channel website LBCI Lebanese, and the site published information, quoting the relevant authorities, who viewed the information of the dead person and members of the Al-Hashem family, including conducting a search on the search engine “Google” about the personality of Nancy Ajram, her husband, her place of residence and the details of her home.

The site revealed that among the topics that the dead man was searching for “Nancy Ajram her life”, “In pictures here Nancy Ajram lives”, “Lebanese star Nancy Ajram: I am busy furnishing my new home”, the phone number of the clinic doctor Hashem Fadi Mikhael .. “Where do you spend Nancy Ajram On Saturdays and Sundays “,” the geometry of Nancy Ajram’s house, “Nancy Ajram Beautiful House See Nancy Ajram’s house.

On the other hand, sources denied to Lebanese newspapers, the news that circulated during the past hours, about the murder of the Syrian dead man, Mohamed Hassan Al-Mousa, searching on the Internet for the location of the residence of Nancy Ajalam or Haifa Wehbe and Najwa Karam.

The sources indicated that those who launched the news are personalities who tried to highlight that the dead man specialized in stealing celebrity homes, and that he was thinking about stealing Haifa Wehbe and Najwa Karam as he did with Nancy. The sources confirmed that there were already reciprocal calls between the dead man and the Fadi Al-Hashem clinic, but it has not been confirmed yet whether it was Fadi who was speaking to or the clinic’s staff, and the details of those calls have not been revealed yet.

Said Hariri, a Lebanese journalist, said that there was information leaked from the investigations taking place in the case of the murder of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram’s husband, the Syrian young man, Mohamed Al-Mousa, that the phone line segment of the dead man revealed his connection to the husband’s clinic..

Saeed Hariri pointed out that the examination of communications did not show the existence of telephone calls between Mohamed Al-Mousa, the artist and her husband, and that he appeared once in the vicinity of Nancy’s house on December 12, and this is evidence that the young man does not work for the artist and her husband.

The Mount Lebanon Court postponed the date of completing the case of the murder of dentist Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of actress Nancy Ajram to the Syrian murderer, Mohammed Hassan Al-Mousa, to a future session, which will be in March 2020..

Nancy Ajram faced a major campaign one day after Promo launched her new dog, “My Heart, My Heart”, which was launched through her YouTube channel, Wednesday..

The attack was represented in a campaign of comments on the new clip of Bermo, which came in conjunction with the deadly crisis of the Syrian youth, Mohammed Hassan Al-Mousa, in the unresolved issue, so he reached the number of Dislikes To more than 1500 via YouTube.


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