Dead whale found in Britain, “Plastic” discovered inside empty stomach .. Pictures


A number of researchers have found a dead whale of deadly whales, the first such whale to appear on English shores since 2001, and experts describe it as a male whale approximately 15 feet long and believed to have died several weeks ago near the town of Lincolnshire in Holbeach, and the analysis reveals It is too early for a rare sample to have a large piece of plastic in his stomach when he died, but this is no longer the cause of death.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the cause of death is still unknown, and experts at the Society of Zoology of London (ZSL) are examining in more detail because this whale is uncommon, the first in about 20 years.

Orca whale 2
Orca whale

Orca whale 3
Orca whale

“This whale is really unusual for England and Wales,” Rob Deville said. “The last time I found it was in 2001 at the estuary of Mercy.”

The animal was small because of its size, but its exact age is unknown. Perhaps the ongoing research will work to evaluate the teeth of the whale in an attempt to determine the age it was at the time of his death.

Animal stomach analysis revealed that he had not recently eaten because its contents were largely empty, and the orca whale is a priority species for research by the ZSL association because it absorbs large concentrations of marine pollutants such as chemicals known as PCBs.

Orca whale
Orca whale

“Killer whales are a priority species for us because, because they are predators at the top of the sequence, they absorb a large amount of marine pollutants, especially PCBs,” says Diffel.

“We have collected a set of samples to follow bacteriology and pathology, in addition to a set of samples that will be reported on pollutant analyzes, as well as nutritional studies, life history, age and genetic analysis of the population.”


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