Defender of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria scored a world goal against Pyramids


Mohamed Anwar, the player of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, managed to score his team’s first goal in the Pyramids net in the current match between the two teams in the General League competition.

Al-Ittihad of Alexandria will host the Pyramids Stadium on Thursday evening, the Pyramids team in the 13th round of the General League, as the result indicates until the 70th minute to draw with a goal for each team.

Muhammad Anwar managed to score the equalizer for his team at the beginning of the second half in a fairy manner, which is even more magnificent when it comes from a player who is not an attacker or a midfield player, but rather a defender.

From a corner kick carried out inside the penalty area, the Al-Ittihad attackers tried to turn it into the net with a header that was matched by attempts by the Pyramids defense to disperse it outside the dangerous areas, but it reached Muhammad Anwar, who did not think much about disposing of it despite its difficulty, as he struck it with the heels in the net, so that goalkeeper Mahdi Suleiman sufficed Watch her while she lives in the net.

The Alexandrian Federation is fourth in the league table with 21 points, ahead of Pyramids, who is fifth with 19 points.


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