Defense of the seventh suspect in the “Egypt station accident”: Corruption of the “railroad” is silent


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The Cairo Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Dr. Gaber Al-Maraghi, continued on Wednesday the trial of 14 accused in the “Misr Station Train” accident, which caused 31 deaths and 17 injuries, as a result of their negligence and grave breach of what their duties impose on them, by violating the manual of maneuver and safety regulations Employment issued by their employer and forgery of the signature in the attendance book and the departure of workers and foremen to maneuver.

At the beginning of the session, the court confirmed the presence of the defendants and their defense staff, and heard the defense of the seventh defendant, who at the beginning of his argument said that the defendants had nothing to do with the accusations against them, and it was indeed true that he asked in the incident the first-row men, where it was proven with clear evidence that the “arm of the dead man” who The defendants face a charge of tampering with it that was not present and, if any, it does not work.

The defense pointed out that the railway accidents are an ongoing series, and one of the most famous accidents that killed hundreds of the Badrashin train, and after the defense of these accidents, saying: “Corruption in that institution is silent the souls,” and he stressed that he was afraid to travel through it for fear of an accident.

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