Despite Muhammad Imam’s superiority over him … Tamer Hosni: Filos has surpassed all films


The Egyptian artist confirmedTamer HosnyThat his new movie “The moneyIn Egypt and the Arab world, he published a book on his own account: “Praise be to God, very happy with the release of the film in this form in Egypt and the Arab world and its distribution globally these days. A period of exams with international films such as Frozen 2 and Pomegranate for the world The Rock.
He continued: “Praise be to God, the film, The Film, has passed all the films in Egypt and the Arab world, and achieved a new number in my artistic life, although it is a new type of higher, and it can be unexpected from me, and it was a great risk from me. I presented it before, but I certainly do not repeat myself, and I always try to develop myself and change is very required because the repetition is short-lived and I must try to address all tastes and present various forms throughout the course of my trip in the cinema.
Knowing that the movie “Baghdad thiefTo the Egyptian actorMuhammad ImamHe was outperforming the movie “The Money” in the box office of the half-year holiday season, in the daily revenues after the “Thief of Baghdad” was released last Wednesday in theaters.


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