Details of the first murder in Kuwait in 2020 .. His father handed him over to the police station


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“The first murder in 2020” .. The Kuwaiti Bar Mina area witnessed a “terrible” killing, as a citizen slaughtered his cousin with a machete, so his parents handed him over to the police station.

A security source said that the killer was in an “abnormal state, because he was in a hysterical state,” noting that the men of the police station were surprised by a citizen and his wife, accompanied by a young man, whose clothes were stained with blood. And his cousin to be surprised that the son had killed his cousin, according to Kuwaiti “news”.

The source added that, “The perpetrator was detained in the police station, where his clothes were stained with blood, and then the father and mother were escorted to the camp, and there are traces of slaughtering on the neck, pointing to the arrival of a number of security men, criminal evidence and criminal investigations to the Al-Balagh site.”

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