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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi opens the Bernice military base and witnesses the closing phase of the “Qader 2020” maneuver

President El-Sisi raises the flag of the armed forces on the Bernese military base, marking its joining the ranks of the armed forces.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, opened the Bernice military base in the presence of a number of His Highnesses and Majesties, His Excellency guests from Egypt, a number of defense ministers for brotherly and friendly countries, Dr. Ali Abdel-Al, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister and First Lieutenant General Muhammad Zaki, Commander-in-Chief Armed Forces Minister of Defense and Military Production and Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, which is a new achievement added to the accomplishments of the Egyptian armed forces, which were created within the framework of the strategy of comprehensive development and modernization of the Egyptian armed forces to N readiness for all tasks assigned to it on the strategic direction of the South, and to reflect the philosophy of the political leadership and the General Command of the Armed Forces in the construction of military bases, be an anchor for the start of the Egyptian armed forces to carry out any tasks entrusted to them successfully.

The Bernice military base, which was established in record time within a few months, to be one of the Egyptian military castles on the southern strategic direction, with a military force striking in the land, sea, and air, in connection with various regional and international variables, which enhances the global classification of the Egyptian armed forces among the various international armies.

The base is located on the Red Sea coast near the southern international border east of the city of Aswan, and it has an area of ​​150,000 acres and includes a naval base, air base, military hospital and a number of combat and administrative units and fields of shooting and training for all weapons. The base also includes a commercial platform with a length of 1200 meters and a depth of 17 meters and includes Administrative and service buildings, a passenger receiving station, multi-purpose berths with a length of 300 meters, berths for storing general goods with a length of 400 meters and berths and container storage yards with a length of 500 meters, in addition to the Bernese International Airport and a seawater desalination plant with a capacity of 3400 m3 / day and an integrated network of roads Main.

The strategic goal of establishing the Bernice military base is to protect and secure the southern Egyptian coasts, protect economic investments and natural resources and face security challenges in the Red Sea as well as secure global navigation traffic through the axis of movement from the Red Sea to the Suez Canal and the associated economic areas, within Egypt’s future vision. 2030.

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A documentary film entitled “Force and Weapon”

President El-Sisi witnessed a documentary film produced by the Department of Moral Affairs, entitled “Force and Weapon”, which addressed the great efforts to establish the integrated military base of Bernice and its armament in accordance with the latest global armament systems, the establishment of which is a continuation of the efforts of the armed forces in developing their systems and combat capabilities in all strategic directions.President al-Sisi also raised the flag of the armed forces on the Bernese military base, marking its opening, and simultaneously the flag of the armed forces was raised on the naval component of the Bernese naval base.

The word of the head of the Armed Forces Training Authority

The head of the Armed Forces Training Authority gave a speech during which he reviewed the summary of the tactical strategic idea for the maneuver “Qadir 2020”, where the tactical strategic idea for the maneuver was built on the capabilities and capabilities of the armed forces to implement the partial tactical strategic opening plan in connection with the nature of the current and prospective threats and hostilities and the strategic distribution of the armed forces, and as a result of instability The regional and international levels and the growth of armed actions. Some hostile elements from one of the countries carried out a limited operation on one of the strategic entities and influenced the vital interests of the state while continuing to provide logistical support. It comes to escalate terrorist operations on the northeastern strategic direction.

He pointed out that, in the context of this, the General Command of the Armed Forces decided to implement the strategic partial mobilization efforts to implement a limited process to eliminate all threats and hostilities on various strategic directions and secure the international border line with imposing full control on the Red Sea and Mediterranean operations theaters and ensuring maritime navigation and sources of wealth. Planning to implement the maneuver in several stages.

A documentary film produced by the Department of Moral Affairs, entitled “Protecting a Homeland”

President El-Sisi also watched a documentary film produced by the Department of Moral Affairs entitled “Protecting a Homeland”, which dealt with the stages of implementing the exercise “Qadir 2020” with the participation of all major weapons and in cooperation with the armed forces bodies and departments to confirm their readiness to implement all the tasks assigned to them.

Air show

The Air Force made an air show in the skies of the Bernice Military Base, during which a number of combat air formations carried out the air protection tasks of the air force through reconnaissance of the airspace and direct guarding with formations of multi-tasking aircraft and the newly joined air force, and provided protection to the forces and vital targets from enemy air attacks And air reconnaissance by fighters with high combat efficiency

A number of multi-mission aircraft “MiG-29” carried out the task of cleaning the airspace and occupying an air umbrella to provide protection for strategic transport aircraft. Also, a number of multi-tasking aircraft “Raval” carried out the air protection mission accompanying the transport aircraft and occupied (2) an air umbrella .

At the same time, a group of strategic transport planes carried out a number of missions to transport a number of special units from the thunderbolt forces and parachutes to carry out missions in the strategic and tactical depth of the enemy, and the air transport planes landed in the lowest possible landing distance on (3) corridors at a simultaneous time to carry out the transport mission The strategic forces of the special forces, as the aircraft unloaded the loads and landed the forces in the presence of air protection umbrellas where the multi-mission aircraft carried out a number of protection tasks using the field cleaning method or direct protection according to the speed and capabilities of other air forces that are provided Her state.

Air transport is considered one of the most important tasks of the air force, as projecting, justification, and the supply of ammunition, equipment, and medical evacuation are carried out by various transport aircraft, and air transport operations directly affect the progress and success of operations in all strategic directions.

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A number of multi-mission aircraft, “MiG-29” and “Rafale”, took off and prepared to repel possible hostile air attacks. Each of the Rafale-MiG-29 is considered an advanced fourth-generation multi-role aircraft that possesses high technical characteristics and high combat and fire systems. It enables it to carry out all tasks in great ways on different strategic directions due to its high maneuverability, great flying speed and means of self-protection and the ability to carry out all tasks in different weather conditions.

A number of multi-mission aircraft, “MiG-29” and “Rafale”, for training purposes and at low altitudes, refueled in the air by means of a refueling warehouse equipped with both models at an altitude of 7000 feet.

Refueling through combat aircraft achieves each other a new dimension, as air refueling work was carried out from one of the combat aircraft accompanying the outgoing formation in order to increase the tactical range of the aircraft carrying out the mission, as a number of various helicopters of the M24, Apache and Kamov models appeared in the sky. And the Chinook to carry out various tasks according to the roles assigned to them. The pilots of the Air Games team (Silver Stars) concluded the air show by presenting a distinguished painting of their aircraft in the form of an open rose with the flag of Egypt in its three colors.

Bernice International Airport

This was also followed by President El-Sisi’s tour of Bernice International Airport, during which he listened to a detailed explanation of Maquette of the airport that included all construction and implementation stages, as well as a number of lounges and absorptive capacity that characterize the airport, which was designed in record time and with the highest international standards and specifications in the field of international airports, where it reaches The length of the corridors at Pernis International Airport is 3650 m and a width of 45 m, a passenger terminal with a capacity of 600 passengers on an area of ​​9600 m 2 and an air control tower with a height of 58 m and a number of technical, administrative and service establishments, and the establishment of Pernis International Airport is of great importance due to the wealth of this region Asad tourism and distinguish it unique location on the Red Sea coast.

The Capable 2020 maneuver

President El-Sisi witnessed the closing phase of the “Qadir 2020” maneuver in the sandy tongue area, which began with a review by the head of the Armed Forces Training Authority of the summary of the main stage of the “Qadir 2020” maneuver. President Sisi also heard the topographical and tactical guidance of the areas of operations of the implemented activities.

The stage included information that a hostile group was able to seize parts of the sand tongue and some vital installations, and the command center of the hostile elements was identified and a building they took some hostages in. The hostile elements prepared and equipped a number of four-wheel drive vehicles equipped with explosives and missiles on the southern end of the sandy tongue, The General Command of the Armed Forces decided that the southern military region in cooperation with the main branches and special forces should implement a limited operation on the southern strategic direction with the mission of eliminating hostile elements and regaining control of the The sand tongue and the sea navigation insurance in the Red Sea.

The main stage of the maneuver included the implementation of operations to eliminate hostile elements through the participation of all major and specialized weapons and assistance in a harmonious manner to implement all the tasks assigned to them, which showed the extent of professionalism that characterized the participating elements from all specialties, as well as the ability and efficiency to achieve all the newly joined weapons of the armed forces for the tasks Entrusted to them due to the high technological and combat sophistication these weapons possess in keeping with the global armament systems.

Then President El-Sisi moved to the strategic command center at the Bernese military base to inspect the stages of the maneuvering process in all strategic directions by automatically controlling the operations centers of the main branches, tactical formations and leaders, and managing some of the main activities that take place in the “Qadir 2020” maneuver.

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The Commander in Chief moves to the helicopter carrier Anwar Sadat

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, also witnessed, on board, the Mister “Anwar Sadat” helicopter carrier, “a group of activities carried out by the navy during the implementation of the main stage of the maneuver” Qadir 2020, and President Sisi heard a summary of all the combat activities that were carried out in a theater Maritime operations in Red and Mediterranean Bahrain within the activities of “Qadir 2020” maneuver by the commander of the navy.

The activities included the implementation of the German-made submarine 209 to intercept a hostile combat group by launching torpedoes and destroying it in a manner that highlights the skillfulness of the navy men in carrying out the tasks assigned to them.

The maneuver “Qadir 2020” showed the extent of readiness and willingness of the joint forces to carry out the tasks with professionalism and high morale to supply the dirt of our dear homeland, and the maneuver was marked by the participation of a number of newly joined combat aircraft to the air force, as well as a number of modern marine units that joined the Egyptian naval fleet during the past decade .

These efforts made by the Egyptian state, both in relation to the establishment of many modern and advanced military bases, and the implementation of these massive maneuvers on all strategic directions of the state, confirm the full awareness of the Egyptian political leadership and its constant eagerness to reach an integrated combat system and intensify insurance procedures for the entire country and develop Arming systems in all the main branches of the Egyptian Armed Forces and deterring those who seek the same harm to the security and stability of Egypt.

The opening ceremony was attended by a number of ministers and governors, a number of ambassadors and military attaches accredited to the Arab Republic of Egypt, a number of public figures and media professionals, and a number of Egyptian university students.

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