Did the Football Association and the players of the team vote against Mohamed Salah in the Best Africa Award? .. A former federation official answers


Magdy Abdel Ghani, a former member of the Egyptian Football Association and the current president of the Egyptian Association of Professional Football Players, said that the national team players gave their votes to Mohamed Salah in the prize for the best in the continent, which was recently crowned by Sadio Mani.

Magdy Abdel-Ghani added, during the “Match” program presented by Hani Hathout on “Saddi Al-Balad” channel, that the crisis of voting for Mohamed Salah in the French Football Prize, surfaced after the departure of the Egyptian Football Federation’s board of directors, who was among its members at the time.Magdy Abdel Ghani, famous for the bulldozer, confirmed that Javier Aguirre had left the company of Ahmed Al-Muhammadi, the leader of the Pharaohs, before voting for the prize for the best.

He said, Mohamed Salah has the right to make fun of the Egyptian Football Association winning the best award on the continental level.

Abdel-Ghani added that Mohamed Salah had told him that he was not attending the best party in the brown continent, and he is solely responsible for the consequences and consequences of this decision.

He pointed out, “The Football Association deserves the prize of the best, of course, because it is the one who brought the African Championship to Egypt, and we must know that winning the tournament organizer is not a prerequisite.”

On the authority of Muhammad Salah, who mocked Al-Jabaliya’s award, he said: “Salah has the right to make fun of and not to ignite things. Many have mocked, all of Egypt mocked, and his right to convey to his fans what he wants, and this is personal freedom.”


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