Dimit Ozdemir paid to obliterate her relationship with Jan Yaman!


Turkish actress Dimit Ozdemir has said that she is ready to pay tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for canceling all the news published on Google about her emotional relationships with her heroes and colleagues.

She applied through her own lawyer to communicate with the international company and asked to delete all her personal news, as she reported the Turkish newspaper (Posta).

Deleting news via (Google) starts from 10 thousand Turkish liras, equivalent to 1700 dollars, and the price ranges according to the importance of the news, its circulation and the percentage of reading it. As for deleting the name of its perpetrator, it reaches 8,500 USD.

Demet used to write about the press and websites that she fell in love with 4 actors, the most important of whom was Jan Yaman despite her denial, and they would complain about Ozdemir, Ozhan Kush and Yildirim.


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