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Discover a way to prevent obesity

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Scientists have discovered a new way to prevent obesity and even get rid of it, and that lies in blocking the AHR cellular receptor, which does not prevent obesity and helps get rid of it.

According to the International Journal of Obesity, obesity is now considered a global pandemic, directly linked to the development of cancerous diseases such as breast cancer, colon and pancreas. Therefore, the search for ways to combat obesity has become urgent, and experts, including oncologists, are searching for it.

Researchers from the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center for Cancer Research in New Hampshire, the United States, have discovered that the AHR, which is practically present in all cells responsible for detecting toxins, plays an important role in the body’s metabolism.

It became clear to them from the experiments they conducted on laboratory mice that blocking this cellular receptor prevents obesity and eliminates obesity and cirrhosis, without any side effects. “We conducted experiments whose results showed that when we add to the fat-rich nutrients an NF that blocks AHR receptor activity, the weight of mice did not differ from the weight of mice that consumed non-fatty foods, whereas mice that consumed fatty foods Without adding the said product, its weight increased a lot. “

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He added, “We divided the obese and continuous mice on a fatty diet into two groups, the first was added to their NF fatty diet, and the second group continued on their fatty diet without adding the mentioned preparation. After several weeks, it became clear that the mice of the first group decreased their weight to Weigh the rats that consumed non-fatty foods, without any side effects. ”

According to Tomlinson, this discovery opens the way for experts to find new ways to treat obesity.

Source: Novosti


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