Discovering the conflicting effect of the ketone diet


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Discovering the conflicting effect of the ketone diet


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American scientists have discovered that the effect of the widespread ketogenic diet in the world lasts for a very short period. When followed for a long time, it has negative consequences that are difficult for the body to overcome.

According to Nature Metabolism, the ketogenic diet provides 99% of calories from fat and 1% of carbohydrates, so many celebrities may contribute to advertising it as an effective way to reduce weight.

But the results of experiments conducted by scientists at Yale and Washington universities on laboratory mice, showed that the effect of this diet beneficial to health, but only in the short term, and after a week, the effect becomes negative.

Scientists explain that the negative and positive effects of this diet are linked to the activity of immune gamma-delta-T cells from the group of lymphocytes that protect tissues, reduce inflammation and the risk of developing diabetes.

“The ketogenic diet forces the body to burn fat, when the level of glucose in the body decreases as a result of low carbohydrates in it, as the body behaves with its” starvation “strategy, and begins to burn fat instead of carbohydrates, says the head of the research team from Yale University, Professor Visha Deep Dixit. As a result of this process ketone bodies are formed – which is an alternative source of fuel. ” When these bodies are burned, delta gamma cells spread throughout the body, improving metabolism and reducing the risk of developing diabetes. It was observed at the end of the week the low level of sugar in the blood of rats as well as the general level of inflammation.

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However, the results of the second week were completely different, as it was noticed that the rats consumed more fat than they burned, and thus the fats began to accumulate in their body, their weight increased and diabetes developed.

Researcher Emily Goldberg notes that these results confirm the correlation between metabolism and the immune system, and explain how to coordinate tissue health protection.

According to Dixit, before describing this diet, extensive clinical tests must be performed in controlled conditions, in order to understand the mechanism of the benefits of metabolism and the immune system, as well as its harms to people who are overweight and more likely to develop diabetes.

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