Disney mourns the Egyptian artist presented Emperor Zorg in the movie “TOY STORY” .. Learn more


Attributed Disney Company Through her account on the “Facebook” website, the Egyptian artist Samir El Banna, who died last Saturday, and participated in a large number of dubbed Disney works in the beginnings of her entry into the Arab region, stressing that it is a great loss.

She wrote in a publication: “A new loss and a golden voice participated in many important Disney films leaving our world … He died last Saturday evening, the Egyptian Egyptian artist, Samir El Banna, who is one of the first artists who participated in many of the dubbed Disney works in the beginnings of their entry into the Arab region.” .

Disney mourns an Egyptian artist
Disney mourns an Egyptian artist

Most of the roles of Samir El Banna with Disney were characterized by evil and sharpness, due to the deep and distinguished texture of his voice.

Perhaps Al Bannas most famous introduction is the character of the unjust judge Frolo from the movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, the Emperor Zorg from the movie “Story of Game 2”, the gorilla Kishak from the movie “Tarzan” and the commander of the guard Timur from the movie “Aladdin” and Ankob from the movie “The Lost Treasure Planet” and the dinosaur The movie “Dinosaur” and the villain Osta from the movie “Pinocchio” and the narrator from the movie “Hercules” .. and many other special characters.


She concluded her obituary by saying: “We extend our sincere condolences and sympathy to his generous family, and to all Disney fans for this great loss. May God have mercy on Samir Al-Banna and make him dwell in his gardens, and we return to God.”

On the other hand, the Disney network removed the first movie from the first trailer and poster for her new movie Stargirl, which is scheduled to start showing on March 13, on the broadcast network. Stargirl, who spends his time trying to learn more about her.


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