Do Oscar nominations reflect the status of cinema in 2019?


Adam Munir

You see many opinions that the year 2019 was exceptional at the level of cinema, and included many wonderful films, and the picture becomes brighter when we approach the American cinema, which for the past year represented a strong return to competition with several distinct films, after the competition was usually confined between two or three films at the latest.

The Academy Awards nominations, which I announce The American Academy of Image Arts and Sciences yesterday, Monday, As a tribute to these works, and highlighting some important films that may not be entitled to fame, and just as the nominations are happy for many, they carry sadness for those who did not get their share of the nomination, as well as include unexpected surprises, and we will include them in this report.

A record for Arab cinema
Since the short film “Peace be upon you, O Maryam” was nominated by Palestinian Basil Khalil, and “Theeb” by Jordanian Naji Abu Nawar in 2016 for the Oscars, and Arab cinema has witnessed the appearance of two films in Oscar nominations annually, except for the year 2017, when no Arab film was nominated, but nominations This year, it sets a record for Arab cinema, with three films at once in the nominations.

In the category of the best live short film, Tunisian “Brothers” comes to director Maryam Joubert, and we find two documentaries from Syria in the category of the best documentary film, “To Sama”, directed by Waad Al-Khatib and Edward Watts, and “The Cave” directed by Firas Fayyad. This is not the only record here for Arab cinema.

Record for Syrian cinema
With these two documentary films, the Syrian cinema records its presence in the same category for the third year in a row, after nominating “About Parents and Children” by Talal Drakki last year, and “Last Men in Aleppo” by Faras Fayyad and Sixty Johansson.

Thus Firas Fayyad also achieves his own record by nominating his Oscar films twice in just three years, and he is one of the few Arab directors who have more than one Oscar movie, shared by this Palestinian Hani Abu Asaad and the Algerian Rachid Bou Sharb.

Most prominent absentees
Although the number of films that can be nominated in the category of Best Film has been raised to a maximum of ten, and a minimum of five, for several years, we still find the voices rising to ignore good films and the emergence of lower-quality films in this category.

Perhaps the most notable absentees of this year are “Uncut Gems” directed by Josh and Benny Sadafi, who has received many positive reviews since his introduction, with a tribute to the performance of his hero Adam Sandler, but he has left completely empty of nominations.

“The Lighthouse” is also directed by a single nomination, which is the best cinematography, although he has received many positive reviews since its release at the “Cannes” festival.

Two nominations for Scarlett Johansson
While the Oscars require that no single actor be nominated for two films in the acting category, they do not prevent him from running in the main actor and co-star categories in the same year, and this is what happened with Scarlett Johansson, who was nominated for Best Actress for her role in “Marriage Story”, and Best Supporting Actress for Her role in “Jojo Rabbit”.

It is the first time that Johnson has been nominated for any of the Academy Awards, and the first time that the actress has appeared in both categories since 2008 when Cate Blanchett nominated for her main role in “Elizabeth .. The Golden Age”, and her supporting role in “I am not here.”

Happy New Year to Netflix
After Netflix strongly contested last year’s Academy Awards with Alfonso Cuaron’s “Rome”, which gave her the first nomination for Best Film Award; this year it ranks first in studios that received 24 nominations distributed among “The Baboon” films (The Two Popes), “Marriage Story” and “The Irishman”, the latter two being nominated for Best Film Award, making this the best nomination year for the leading entertainment platform.

But the fear of a repetition of the sad “Golden Globe” scenario remains again, with Netflix also taking the lead in the award nominations, but came out with only one prize.

Marvel back down in front of DC
After Marvel achieved a surprise last year and nominated her movie “The Black Panther” for the Best Film Award, to become the first “Comics” to reach this nomination, it retreats strongly this year despite the presentation of three films, we find only one nomination for Marvel films in the category of visual effects, and went Nomination to the movie “The Avengers .. End of the Game”.

In contrast, DC’s “The Joker” is the number one nominee for this year with 11 nominations, mostly in major categories, such as Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Director. Many believe that the movie “The Joker” does not belong to the world of superhero films in its well-known form, although this does not prevent it being a movie based on one of the famous comics characters in the end, and after the film achieved the Golden Lion Award from the Venice Festival, everything becomes possible.

Oscars celebrate this year its 92nd session, and it is expected to be held on the tenth of next February, when filmmakers around the world meet to choose and honor the best productions of the year, and prizes gain their importance mainly because they come within the vote of a large number of filmmakers around the world, as they exceed seven Thousands of members are members of the Academy, and their artistic level ranges from actors, directors, writers, photographers, producers, and other filmmakers.


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