Do you remember the heroine of “Jewels”? Watch how it looks and the reality of having plastic surgery


The Syrian actress Marah Jabr appeared to her fans, through the “Melody FM” station, to reveal her latest artwork, as well as the truth about what she is saying about having plastic surgery. The heroine of the famous series “Jewels” said: “For everyone who comments by saying Marah Jabr, she removed her condition with plastic surgery, and he said, Marah, with her beauty, she removed plastic surgery.”She added: “I originally look younger than my age and this is a problem, so there is no reason to visit a plastic surgeon.”

On the other hand, Marah denied the existence of any link to accounts bearing its name on the communication sites, stressing: “I am not present on social media, and if these fake accounts continue, I will inevitably resort to the judiciary.”

It is worth noting that the Syrian actress Marah Jaber recently participated in the series “When the Wolves grow old” next to the artist Abed Fahd and the artist Saloum Haddad, in addition to the series “Hawa Asfar” starring Youssef Al-Khal, Salaf Fawakherji and Nadine Tahsin Bey, while the most famous work of the screenwriter Othman Juha was “Bab Al-Hara “the sixth and seventh parts, in addition to the series” Haroun Al-Rasheed “.

Marah Jabr in a previous meeting:

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