“Doctors” youth: disbursement of aid from the crisis fund for the victims and victims of the Minya accident


The Youth Committee of the General Union of Doctors said that it followed up the horrific and sad incident that afflicted the flower of Menya’s Doctors, as this incident afflicted the masses of doctors with great sadness tainted by the injustice suffered by the category of doctors, noting that after following the shameful reaction, as described, from the Ministry Health is based on its spokesperson, as a youth committee calls the General Syndicate Council to call for an emergency general assembly, based on an emphasis on holding officials and participants accountable for this painful accident and changing all arbitrary decisions against doctors from the Ministry of Health.

The committee added, in a statement issued, that an immediate benefit will be paid from the Crisis and Disaster Fund in favor of the martyrs and those injured in the accident, stressing the need to implement all decisions issued by the General Union Council, asking all young doctors to contact them as soon as they are subjected to any threat, administrative abuse or exposure Their lives are at risk, and the order is not implemented, regardless of the pressures and the line-up together against these decisions, provided that the Youth Committee provide all means of support for the rights of doctors.

The General Union of Physicians had decided to refer the doctors responsible for issuing arbitrary administrative orders to the union’s investigation committee, noting that it would file a report with the Public Prosecutor and the Administrative Prosecution to open a criminal and administrative investigation into the incident against everyone who caused the issuance of arbitrary administrative orders or participated in the threat to doctors, which was presented Their lives are at risk, and they demanded that all training courses be held in the governorates. As for the case of the necessity of moving to any other governorate, the employer provides safe transportation means, provided that doctors are notified of any regular or training missions with a date two weeks earlier.

She stressed the need to take measures to calculate deaths and injuries as “work injury”, while providing the highest level of medical care for the injured even if it was necessary to travel abroad, declaring the general mourning at the Medical Syndicate for three days, and setting up a memorial memorial for female martyrs in Minya in coordination with the Minya Doctors Union and attended by members of the Council The General Union of Physicians and Sub-Syndicate Councils filed a civil lawsuit against the Ministry of Health for demanding adequate compensation for the families of the martyrs and the injured, as well as providing all legal and union support to the families of the martyrs and the injured.


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