Document .. Cancellation of Al-Sharnoubi’s lawsuit to rescind his contract against Sarah Al-Tabbakh


07:22 PM

Saturday 25 January 2020

Books- Diaa Mostafa:

Producer Sarah Al-Tabbakh revealed the cancellation of the singer Mohamed Sharnoubi’s lawsuit against her.

Al-Tabbakh revealed a document stating the decision of the Economic Court, headed by Counselor Ashraf Imam, in its public session, which was held on January 16, to write off lawsuit No. 687 of 11 BC, the suit of singer Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi against the producer of his works, which have been under consideration for months.

She explained that Al-Sharnoubi had filed the lawsuit after the decision to suspend it from the Syndicate of Musical Professions with the aim of completely eliminating his exclusive contract with Earth Production, owned by Sarah Al-Tabakh, but the court canceled the lawsuit.

And she continued: “This means that Al-Sharnoubi has become required to implement the contract, pay the penal clause, or obtain approval from his product to cancel the contract and pay the estimated clause of $ 600,000.”
Cancellation of Al-Sharnoubi's lawsuit against Sarah Al-Tabbakh


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