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Wednesday 22 January 2020

Books – Hadi Al-Madani:

The international referee Jihad Grishah submitted a formal complaint to the Egyptian Football Association, because he was placed third in the international list of Egyptian referees, which was sent to the International Football Association “FIFA”.

Jihad Grisha stated in the complaint submitted to the President of the Football Association, whose text was published today, Wednesday, through his official account on Facebook, that he lodged a complaint with the Referees Committee so that “they denied that this happened in the beginning, and after that they said that it is the responsibility of the previous committee.”

Jihad Greisha complained of placing him in the third place in the list of international rulers, after he occupied the first place in the list since 2012 until last year.

Grisha continued: “What has been done is a blatant and clear compliment for all of one of my colleagues, who was threatened with exclusion from the international list for technical reasons and put my place at the top of the international list without right away from any local or international rating or classification.”

He added: “The purpose of this objection is to place the points above the letters only for the coming years in order to prevent any manipulation that may happen after that would compliment any person at the expense of any other person in the international list of rulers of Egypt, at the expense of the name of our country Egypt.”

The complaint posted by Jihad Grisha

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