Does Asalas friend congratulate her friend on her birthday after separating from Tariq Al-Arian?


The personal relationship passed between Syrian singer Asala NasryAnd her friend, the star, Angham, is in a state of stalemate, which has become a severe conflict during the past months against the background of the marriage crisis of distributor Ahmed Ibrahim from the singer Angham, while he was married to Yasmine Issa, the daughter of the sister of the director Tariq Al-Arian, the ex-husband of “Sola”.

After the strict reaction that Asala took with the beginning of the crisis, when she said: “I do not know how much she deserves from feelings, sincerity or friendship … especially since I was very much motivated in this friendship … but I never regretted our friendship .. but what happened sadden me Much because I did not know about it before, especially since I always said publicly that we are brothers .. yes, I felt treacherous .. and the relationship is impossible to return as it was, ”she added,“ Love and adoration means nothing when it comes to ruin homes with children, and I deleted melodies and worked It has (block) on my personal pages on social media, my relationship with it is over. “

The star had Angham, also her response, as she said in televised statements: “Everyone is free, frankly, meaning you are owners, you are tired in need, it means someone from you has a need … who is upset, divorce”, and Asala replied: “I took out tunes from my accounts and her marriage to Ahmed Ibrahim caused the destruction of a family. “

But after Asalas separation from Tariq Al-Arian and their announcement of weeks before the news of the divorce, clear signs of rapprochement and separation began to appear on the horizon in the crisis of straining relations between the two Syrian and Egyptian singers. The beginning came to gradually concert the concerts between them, where they gathered a concert, last December, within The concerts of the Riyadh season, whose lyrical night was called “Some of Memories”, and was in honor of one of the symbols of the song poet “Turki”, and they were preceded by their participation in two other concerts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well, and that was on a separate day.

In mid-December last, a video of the artist Asala, who sings a clip from the song “A Very Special Case” by the artist Angham, spread despite the known differences between them, and this was amid widespread rumors about her separation from Tariq Al-Arian, which she denied long ago until she reaffirmed it On January 6, blogging it on Instagram, the audience considered at the time that singing through to that song was an indication that the relationship could return to normal with Angham again.

As the star Angham celebrates today, Sunday, her birthday, the questions have been repeated about reconciliation again, and the possibility of the beginning of the return of the relationship to her nature between the two great singers, by presenting the originality of congratulations to her friend Angham on the occasion of her birthday, ordering the breaking of the previous stalemate.

What makes this matter not impossible is the comment of the Syrian star, Asala Nasry, on the possibility of reconciliation with the artist Angham, in response to a question by one of the media after her concert in the global village in the UAE city of Dubai, where Asala said in response to the question that was reported by the program The Insider In Arabic, “I have no problems with someone, I have no problems, I am not empty, I am a busy person in my work, and with my children and friends, I have no problems with anyone”, can Asala really congratulate the songs of her birthday?


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