Does drinking water while eating affects digestion? Know the truth


You should not drink water during meals – it is bad for digestion. “You may have heard this phrase many times from your parents or grandparents, as many believe that Drinking water while eating relieves digestive juices , And interferes with food digestion, may impair absorption of nutrients, and lead to flatulence.

But recent studies according to a site report “Healthhub” She confirmed that drinking water during meals may actually make the digestion process smoother.


Healthy digestion

But to understand how water will aid in digestion, you first need to understand the natural digestive process.

Digestion in the mouth begins when you start breaking down food by chewing, as the enzymes in the saliva help to break down food, and then the food moves to the esophagus to the stomach, where it is mixed with acidic stomach juices. Then the food turns into liquid .

When this is transferred to the small intestine, it is mixed with digestive enzymes from the pancreas and bile acid from the liver. This is the stage where most nutrient absorption occurs 75%. The complete digestion process may take between 24 and 72 hours, depending on what you eat. Through the bloodstream, nutrients travel to different areas of the body..

Does water cause digestive problems?

The answer is no, according to many health experts, water will relieve digestive juices in the stomach, and will not interfere with food digestion..

Water will not interfere with enzyme activity because the enzymes will disintegrate food regardless of the presence of water. Rather, drinking water while eating may actually help in the digestion process. Water can help ease foods during chewing and make it easier to move the esophagus.


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