Dokki neighborhood closes the artist Saad Al-Soghair Cafe for his management without a license .. Pictures


Dokki District launched a magnifying campaign, headed by Major General Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, to stop the opening of a cafe on Jeddah Street, owned by the artist Saad Al-Sagheer, for not obtaining a license and causing inconvenience to citizens and residents of the street, and the campaign was carried out according to the instructions of Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza and in response to citizen complaints, and the campaign was confiscated Which the district chief led in coordination with the Dokki Police Department, the Utilities Police, adequate contents, depositing them in the district warehouses, editing the necessary records and taking legal measures against the owner.

In the same context, the famous Dokki neighborhood closed a health club in Mohy El-Din Abu El-Ezz Street for its administration without a license based on the directives of Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, to confront violators with all determination by taking all legal measures, where Major General Dr. Ahmed Abdel Fattah arrested a health club that was run without a license and the contents were lifted In the district warehouses and all legal measures are being taken.

Al-Dokki neighborhood also closed a health club without a license on Ibn Al-Walid Street, during a campaign led by Major General Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, the head of the district in coordination with the accompanying police. He also set up a winch to lift goods without permission from the neighborhood, and the district implemented a campaign to raise the occupations of cafes that encroach on sidewalks, in addition to Continuation of periodic follow-up campaigns to Suleiman Johar Street, which has been cleared of works and random markets a few days ago, and which were presented regarding the reconciliation law in some building violations in a serious and determined manner, through the formed technical committees and in full coordination with the heads of neighborhoods, centers and cities to decide on these requests in light of the controls and Iyer legally prescribed.

The governor added, that the Engineers Syndicate has issued so far 540 construction safety reports for real estate owners whose interests they wish to reconcile with, while continuing to examine requests and issuing safety reports for the rest of the real estate owners wanting to reconcile, stressing that work is being intensified to complete the procedures for reconciliation and editing contracts for those who are entitled.

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