Donald Trump attacks Apple for refusing to decrypt a terrorist iPhone


US President Donald Trump attacked Apple, criticizing its refusal to decrypt an iPhone owned by a terrorist, joining “Trump” in the battle over the FBI’s request from Apple to help open two iPhones used by the gunman responsible for shooting three Americans In Pensacola, Florida, last month.

Trump criticized Apple’s anti-government stance despite having benefited from government assistance in trade, while this episode is the latest wave of privacy debate between technology companies such as Apple and Facebook and US government authorities, while technology companies argue that strong encryption protects the privacy and security of their users, in When law enforcement officials believe that criminals have used technology to evade justice.

Whereas, the law enforcement agency called on technology companies to provide a means for decryption, by relying on a number of prominent issues such as last year’s shooting incident in Pensacola and the 2015 shooting incident in San Bernardino, California.

In his tweet, Trump attacked Apple, saying: “We are helping Apple all the time in trade and many other issues, yet refuses to decipher the phones used by killers, drug traffickers and other violent criminal elements,” adding: “It must immediately stand with us and help our great country.” “.

For its part, Apple said that it cannot access the data encrypted with a passcode stored on an iPhone and that it must create a specific tool to do this “back door”, however the company can deliver the data stored on cloud storage servers to law enforcement officials, which often includes copies Backup of iPhones, including iMessages.

The prosecutor said Bill Barr Apple did not provide any substantial assistance, after calling it to help the FBI in opening two iPhone devices involved in the Pensacola case, and the company said it had responded to seven separate legal requests from federal investigators in December, starting on the day of the shooting..


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